We’re pleased to announce that we have two new application studies now available.

Yogurts Tested Three Ways discusses three methods which precisely quantify yogurt texture using the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer. These methods were applied to testing six brands of strawberry yogurt purchased at a local store. The methods involved penetrating the yogurt containers with a TA-2A 90 degree cone probe and a TA-3 1” diameter cylinder probe, as well as a relaxation test which was conducted with the TA-3 cylinder probe.

Testing the Firmness of Baked Beans compares Bushes Original Recipe Baked Beans against B&M Original Recipe Baked Beans using the TA-93WST Wire Mesh Forward Extrusion Fixture. The TA-93WST Wire Mesh Forward Extrusion Fixture can be used to quantify the firmness of baked beans with an easily deployable, highly repeatable and extremely differentiating method.

To receive a copy of these application studies or to request another, please contact your regional manager.