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firmness and toughness

Firmness of Baked Beans TA-93WST Wire Mesh Forward Extrusion Fixture

The firmness of baked beans is a high profile attribute for consumers. Manufacturers can control the firmness of their products using many different methods, however, there are few suitable techniques for quantifying the firmness of baked beans. Testing beans individually via either puncture or compression methods is not operator independent, reproducible, nor practical given high labor costs. Testing small volumes of beans, typically using compression or multiple blade shear techniques are good methods, but the results can be variable because the limited samples do not always adequately represent the full batch. The TA-93WST Wire Mesh Forward Extrusion Fixture can be used to quantify the firmness of baked beans with an easily deployable, highly repeatable and extremely differentiating method. This study compares Bushes Original Recipe Baked Beans against B&M Original Recipe Baked Beans.