Introducing new testing possibilities for ice cream cone manufacturers: the Ice Cream Cone Support Rig. Measuring key textural parameters such as brittleness, toughness and crispiness, the Ice Cream Cone Support Rig reliably informs cone formulation and design, for optimum consumer acceptance and product success.

A cone strength test - using the new support rig on Stable Micro SystemsTA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer - measures the force required to cause breakage by simulating the stress imposed when ice cream is pressed into the cone. The resulting textural profile, generated through Exponent, the equipment’s bespoke software, will highlight any weaknesses and consequent need to review ingredient proportions, formulation or cone shape and dimensions.

Ice cream remains a popular treat and a competitive sector, particularly during the summer season. As well as satisfying consumer demands for taste and texture, manufacturers of ice cream cones also need to consider the role of structural strength in the safe handling, shipping and distribution of cones. Our new Ice Cream Cone Support Rig is a valuable tool with which to assess textural characteristics of these products, helping manufacturers refine their batter recipes and tailor cone designs for ultimate taste and durability.

The Ice Cream Support Rig can be adjusted to accommodate all cone varieties, including waffle, flat-bottomed and sugar cones, and is supplied with two ice cream scoop simulators for use with varying cone rim diameters. The rig has been designed to accommodate a very specific range of test samples. However, this device, like many of our other attachments, is capable of being revised and reconfigured by our applications development team for use with a vast range of products.

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