We’re pleased to offer a new and comprehensive guide to the multiple applications of the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer for confectionery products. The guide covers the following topics:

*Homogenous Semi-Solids (For example: Syrups, Caramel, Fondants and Fillings, Chocolate Spread, Icings, Glazes)

*Non-Homogenous Semi-Solids (For example: Jams, preserves, jellies)

*Homogenous Plastic Solids (For example: Fudge, Toffee, Marzipan, Bubble Gum, Chocolate, Fondant)

*Multiparticle and Non-Homogenous Products (For example: Muesli Bars, Nougat)

*Brittle Solids and Particulates (for example: Tablets/Lozenges, High Boil Sweets, Chocolate Bars, Meringues, Biscuit Pieces, Inclusions, Malt Balls)

*Multi-Phase Confectionery

*Films and Coatings

*Elastic Solids (For example: Marshmallows, Gums, Jellies, Leathers, Liquorice)

*Temperature Control for temperature sensitive confectionery products

*Measuring Powdered/Granulated Ingredients

*Chewing Gum – From Raw Ingredient To Finished Product

To request a copy of the overview, please contact your regional manager or email us at info@texturetechnologies.com.