Texture Analyzer Software


Included with the TA.XTPlus and TA.HDPlus

SMS' Exponent software is the industry's most advanced texture analysis program. It has the power to accommodate every imaginable test sequence and analysis method.

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Exponent Lite

Alternative for the TA.XTPlus, TA.XTPlus100, and the TA.HDPlus. Exponent Lite Express is a version that is available for the TA.XTExpress.

Stable Micro System's Exponent Lite software offers a simpler, yet still very flexible, version of the full Exponent program in an easy to deploy package.

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Exponent Lite
Use Projects to Manage Test & Sample Protocols
Automatically Start Projects
Automated Testing
Macros Capable of Conducting Complex Analyses and Tasks
Macros for Standard Analyses
Macros can be customized
Stress-Strain Tests + Display
TPA Tests + Analyses
Results Tabulated in Spreadsheets
Results Spreadsheets can be customized
Library of Test Sequences
Adhesive Test Sequences
Customizable Sequences
Complex Test Sequence Writing Capability
Testmaker Sequence Wizard
Sax Basic Programming Capability
Sax Basic Execution


Communication with other software programs
Create Multiple Users & Profiles
Enhanced Security Module for Pharmaceutical Industry
Security for Files, Data + Test Protocols
Reports & Customized Output
Export Captured Data + Analysis Results
Output Results to LIMS programs
Test History Logs
Additional data capture channels

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