Seeing great results testing a drug deployed via the eyes.

Customer Success Story

The Setting

A pharmaceutical company was developing a new slow release drug that would be administered very precisely via the human eye. The drug had excellent potential to offer a far superior route to the brain than previous methods. It would also use lower concentrations of the drug resulting in cost savings. Eye surgery was required to administer the product. The company needed the most precise testing methods available to test the product’s safety. Their prior testing methods were not repeatable and differentiating enough.


Looking for a better solution, they contacted us for help. They purchased our texture analyzer and put it to work. The instrument delivered exactly the repeatability and differentiating results that they needed. They were able to rollout their product to human trials faster thanks to the TA.XTPlus. Other teams within the company began to use the texture analyzer to develop more products. The demand for time on the texture analyzer grew so the company purchased several more. The TA.XTPlus continues to be a crucial tool in the company’s R&D and QA/QC testing helping them precisely evaluate the quality of their products.

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