On land and sea, better testing for a better bottom line.

Customer Success Story

The Setting

A major seafood company manufactures a popular fish gel product. The product is graded by quality. The product’s grade dictates its market price. The manufacturer was frustrated with their older Japanese-style instrumentation. Labor costs in the lab were high as lab technicians had to test forty samples to obtain an accurate grade number.


Seeking a better solution, they brought our TA.XTExpress onboard in one of their plants. Technicians now were able to test just five samples to obtain an accurate grade number. Completely satisfied with the TA.XTExpress, they purchased more for their land-based plants and for their ocean-based processing vessels. With our texture analyzers literally on board both land and sea, the company reduced their lab labor costs and commanded higher market prices for their now precisely quantified and graded products.

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