Freeze, reheat, test, and repeat.

Customer Success Story

The Setting

A food company had a successful line of barbecue meats and sauces. They wanted to expand their product line with the inclusion of complementary side dishes. They ran into a few problems while starting up production their new lines. They wanted the side dishes to have a consistent texture after freezing and reheating. However, their testing methods involved having a various chefs taste the product at various cook times. This manual testing was not repeatable or sensitive enough to make necessary changes to an optimal product consistency. Compounding their trouble, they were using unconventional production equipment to produce the products. They contacted us to request a more consistent and precise feedback system that would yield better control on the final product.


The products were tested during production with the TA.XTPlus fitted with the TA-93WST Wire Screen Forward Extrusion Fixture and the results were correlated with feedback from the chefs. Samples were then frozen and reheated to determine the best production parameters and when to stop the cooking process. The company was extremely pleased with the results from the TA.XTPlus and implemented it as a QC tool to continue to fine-tune production parameters and produce a high quality product.

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