The TA.XTPlus helps new product development ‘gel’.

Customer Success Story

The Setting

A new startup company produces a hydrogel used during surgical procedures. The hydrogel contains a drug that is released as the hydrogel dissolves when placed on an internal organ. The company was struggling with their testing methods. They needed to determine the strength of the gel for different formulations. The gel needed a specific strength so it would not break while being placed into position. If the gel broke it would not cover the organ surface completely and could not release the drug uniformly. If it was too weak it could not be tested with conventional universal testing machines and ASTM test methods. The company was stuck. They could not move the product forward until they could test it consistently. They contacted our team for answers.


Using the TA.XTPlus and our TA-108s Film Extensibility Fixture, we helped them successfully test gel strength, pliability, and extensibility. We also helped them create careful testing methodologies for sample handling for more consistent and differentiating data. Now unstuck, the company was able to successfully move their product development forward. The company continues to use the TA.XTPlus to develop a variety of new formulations for their hydrogels.

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