Improving customer relationships with the TA.XTPlus.

Customer Success Story

The Setting

An adhesive company had a consistency problem. One of their major customers complained that the supplier’s product was not consistent from batch to batch. The problem was creating a bumpy customer/supplier relationship.


The customer had their own TA.XTPlus and inquired about testing methods. Together, they discovered that the end user was applying the adhesive to foam backing and then conducting their testing. The stiffness of the foam affected the test results. Testing on a hard, smooth surface found very little batch-to-batch variation. The adhesive company purchased a TA.XTPlus for their own R&D Lab. After reaching an agreement on testing procedures with their customer, they were able to eliminate the problems. The R&D team was also able to use the TA.XTPlus to find critical control points in their processes and solve several production issues.

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