No matter where you are, it tastes great.

Customer Success Story

The Setting

A popular fast food company with thousands of restaurants across North America and many suppliers in each region of the country had a fundamental problem. How could they consistently deliver the high quality products that their customers expected?


Using the TA.XTPlus, they measured the physical characteristics of their products and developed a test sequence that correlated with their internal sensory panels. The custom sequence was rolled out to each supplier bakery. Each supplier, using their own TA.XTPlus, was then able to test to ensure that their products met the company’s standards for consistent consumer experience. Data from each supplier’s testing is exported from our Exponent software and sent to directly the company’s quality control for review. Not only did this work well for ensuring consistent product quality, it also benefitted the suppliers by strengthening their relationships with the customer. The custom sequence required very little operator training, improving the uniformity of testing protocols across all suppliers. The result is that testing was fast, accurate, and easy for suppliers – and it helps the restaurants deliver the same great taste and experience across the nation.

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