New container spills and R&D cleans up the mess.

Customer Success Story

The Setting

A confectionery company was in the midst of developing a new product container for one of their long-standing and popular products. The marketing team was leading the charge and was eager to roll out the new packaging as soon as possible. They soon encountered a big problem. While the new container looked modern and hip, it didn’t work well. It was difficult to open and had the unfortunate tendency to open and spill its contents while in a purse or bag.


The R&D team used the TA.XTPlus to discover the reason. The test data showed that the plastic container was shrinking during manufacturing. The team made changes to the container design and tested it again with the TA.XTPlus until they were able to re-engineer the perfect solution. The product was re-launched with its new stylish and easy-to-open container. The redesigned container now stayed closed when it was supposed to. The company continues to use the TA.XTPlus for QC to ensure that the new container continues to work perfectly.

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