Getting unstuck before production does.

Customer Success Story

The Setting

An animal health care company manufactures a chewable supplement for animals. Their production process was grinding to a halt frequently. Their extruders were often clogged when the product formulation varied on the thick side. It would take 2-3 days to clean the extruders and get production running again. The manufacturing downtime was very expensive.


The company contacted our team for help. The solution was simple. They needed to test their product while in the ingredients stage before anything reached the extruders. They brought on board our TA.HDPlus Texture Analyzer. To replicate extrusion more precisely, we developed a customized die that matched the ones used in their extruders. Now if testing from the texture analyzer shows a formulation to be too firm, it is reworked or, if bad, discarded to never to reach the extruders. With their new upstream quality control, the company experienced surges in productivity and profitability without a clog in sight!

Wondering how texture analysis can benefit your team?