This week’s featured patents are for a fat filling composition for food products that creates a “cooling” effect, longer-wear cosmetic compositions, and antiperspirant soft solid compositions comprising a wax blend

Fat filling that creates a “cooling” effect in certain food products upon consumption

This patent describes a composition comprising fat and sweetener that can be used as a fat filling in food products such as chocolate and bakery products. The composition provides a cooling effect upon consumption for consumers looking for a novel food experience.

The patent describes testing the textural properties of the composition using the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer.

Cosmetic compositions of reactively blended copolymers for long wear personal products

This patent describes cosmetic compositions that incorporate reactively blended co-polymers as two-phase film forming agents to provide long wear benefits to cosmetic, hair care, or skin care products.

Lip products, such as lipsticks and lip glosses, have a tendency to transfer color from the lips onto anything that comes into contact with the lips. This transfer can soil the substrate and reduces the vibrancy and durability of the lip products forcing the user to reapply the product to keep color and shine consistent. Other cosmetics such as mascaras and foundations, hair products such as temporary colorants, and personal care products such as sunscreens have similar issues with transferability of their colorants or actives. Previous attempts resolve this issue have created a trade-off with increased wear but decreased comfort for the user. This patent describes a process for creating cosmetic compositions that provide improved cosmetic and personal care products with film formers that when applied produce films that are long-wearing, comfortable, maintain desired gloss, and reduce the tendency of the color to transfer from the surface when used in a pigmented or colored compositions.

The patent describes how tack force testing was conducted with TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer, simulating how consumers perceive lip product tackiness. A Peltier Plate and Temperature Controller was attached to the texture analyzer to keep testing temperature controlled at 34° C correlating with lip temperature.

Antiperspirant soft solid compositions comprising a wax blend

This patent describes a process for creating an antiperspirant soft solid composition that includes a wax blend with glyceryl tribehenate, a first wax additive, and a second wax additive.

Antiperspirant soft solids have become increasingly more popular as an effective alternative to antiperspirant sprays and solid sticks. While they can provide perspiration and odor control, antiperspirant soft solids can have issues with stability including syneresis (weeping of solvent from the cream matrix).

Existing antiperspirant soft solids that can deliver improved cosmetics, product stability, and reduced solvent syneresis include C18-C36 triglycerides, such as SYNCROWAX® HGL-C, as a vital component. The patent claims that the long-term availability of SYNCROWAX® HGL-C and related waxes is in doubt and describes an alternative composition that does not include  C18-C36 triglycerides. The patent claims that the replacement of C18-C36 triglycerides with an inventive wax blend results not only in a consumer acceptable product, but provides an improvement in syneresis versus a C18-C36 triglyceride composition.

The patent describes how to test product hardness using a TA.XT2 Texture Analyzer fitted with a TA-15 cone probe.