We host our student video competition to offer a fun and exciting way for university students and faculty to show off the creative ways that they use our instruments while competing for cash prizes. This year’s competition included some great entries that entertained and showed us that these student food scientists really know their stuff! We’re pleased to announce that this year’s winners are:

  1. First Place $2,000 goes to California State University Los Angeles’ Food Science Technology Program for “The Cultural Texture of Lunch.”

  2. Second Place $1,000 goes to The University of British Columbia’s Food, Nutrition and Health (FNH) program for their entry titled “Apples to Apples.”

  3. Third Place $500 goes to The Brigham Young University’s Food Science Department for their entry titled “A Lot of Questions: The Texture Analyzer.”

Thank you to all the students (and their faculty advisors) who entered the competition! Find out more about the video competition here.