Texture Technologies holds occasional video competitions for US and Canadian Universities to raise awareness, through the use of energetic video productions, of the importance of texture analysis to the food industry.

Note: The deadline for this year's submission has passed. Please check back for the next deadline!

Competition videos from past years can be viewed on our YouTube channel, TheTextureChannel.

A big thank you to all of the entrants for their energy and creativity and wonderful videos. Collectively, the videos do a fabulous job highlighting the importance of texture analysis to the food industry! Watch the winning entries on our YouTube channel.

Past Winners


  • 1st Prize: California State University Los Angeles' Food Science Technology Program for "The Cultural Texture of Lunch."
  • 2nd Prize: The University of British Columbia‚Äôs Food, Nutrition and Health (FNH) program for their entry titled "Apples to Apples."
  • 3rd Prize: The Brigham Young University's Food Science Department for their entry titled "A Lot of Questions: The Texture Analyzer."


  • 1st Prize: Kansas State University for "Texture Network Special Report"


  • 1st Prize: West Virginia University for "Food Texture Analysis at WVU"
  • 2nd Prize: Brigham Young University for "Waiting For The Cheese Cutter"
  • 3rd Prize: Kansas State University for "The Best Crunch"
  • 4th Prize: Indiana University "A-R-Q-E"
  • 5th Prize: Oregon State University for "The Quest For Perfect Texture"
  • South Dakota State University and University of Arkansas also received honorable mention and were awarded $250USD.