Clogged and bogged by bad dough.

Customer Success Story

The Setting

A snack food company that makes sandwich crackers and cookies was wrestling with a production problem involving bad dough. Occasionally dough batches would either be mixed incorrectly or left in the dough proofing room for an incorrect amount of time. Once the bad dough entered the production line, it could shut down the whole line for hours while it was cleaned. The company was losing money from these stoppages. They reached out to us for help determining when the dough was properly mixed and was ready to move from the proofing room to production.


The TA.XTPlus was placed in the mixing room with the TA-85 Miller Dough Rig. Three dough samples were from different locations in the mixture and tested for a consistency and for firmness. The dough was properly mixed when the three samples were consistent. The dough was then tested again prior to being placed in production. They learned very quickly the correct dough firmness required to produce a good consistent product. The implementation of the TA.XTPlus with the TA-85 Mill Dough Rig helped produce a better mixed dough, less down time, and higher production.

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