Putting marketing claims to the test.

Customer Success Story

The Setting

A manufacturer of soy-based sushi wraps wanted a texture analyzer for testing the quality of their products. The company prided itself on the quality and freshness of its products and used these claims in their marketing materials. It was critically important to back up these claims with science. They also wanted to ensure that their products were consistently made exactly the same each time. The company evaluated the Brookfield CT3 and was disappointed that it did not have the accuracy and reliability they needed.


They decided to evaluate our texture analyzers. We helped them develop test methods using the TA.XTPlus that delivered exactly the precise and repeatable results that they were seeking. The company was thrilled with the results. With the data from our Exponent software, they now create quality control documents for each customer shipment to back up their freshness and quality claims.

Wondering how texture analysis can benefit your team?