A startup produce company grows thanks to the TA.XTPlus.

Customer Success Story

The Setting

A new manufacturing start-up was developing products using quinoa, a high-protein grain-like seed. Their small team knew that they were launching their products in a competitive market. The texture of their products had to be just right to stand out from the competition. As with most startups, cash was precious. However, they knew that a texture analyzer would be an excellent investment to help them more efficiently refine and improve their products. Quinoa can be a difficult product to test so they needed a precise instrument for testing.


They rented a Brookfield CT3 and a TA.XTPlus and used them side-by-side for comparison. After one month, the decision was clear. The TA.XTPlus provided superior, consistent accuracy and reliability over the CT3. Despite the TA.XTPlus’ higher price, they knew it was the better investment. The company successfully launched its products. They grew rapidly and quickly added to their original team. As an integral part of their success, the TA.XTPlus continues to be the cornerstone of their R&D and QC.

Wondering how texture analysis can benefit your team?