The TA.XTPlus helps resolve a tough (meat) problem.

Customer Success Story

The Setting

A raw poultry meat supplier wanted to increase production. They began to produce bigger birds but this also produced bigger problems. The birds came from numerous suppliers and varied in age and breed that sometimes yielded firmer, tougher meat. The firmer meat displeased a major customer. Eager to avoid losing their valuable customer, the company turned to our team for help screening undesirable meat texture.


The TA.XTPlus with the TA-46 MORS Craft Knife was used to determine the firmness of the raw poultry meat. The system was setup in the QC lab with a very simple user interface for the technicians. The technician pressed one button, entered information about the birds with simple prompts, and then conducted each test. The QC would access the data from a separate office and analyze the data. The company is now able to quickly locate the source of tough meat and eliminate it. Their new testing for product consistency had produced a more desirable product and happier clients.

Wondering how texture analysis can benefit your team?