Most people have had the experience of squeezing a tube of some kind and having that experience go awry - with either more pressure needed or an unexpected mess from too much applied pressure. A tubed product such as toothpaste or glue may have a long shelf life once it is opened. Changes in the product’s texture over time can impact how easy the product can be squeezed out of its tube. The TA-TR Tube Roller Extrusion Fixture attached to a TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer can help you quantify the forces needed to propel your product – whether it is a paint, a ketchup, or a conditioner – into the outside world.

The product to be tested is placed vertically between the fixture’s two rollers and the closed end is clamped with a grip at the top. The grip then pulls the tube/packet upwards through the rollers, forcing the contents out. The higher the force recorded during this test, the more difficulty a consumer would experience in squeezing out the required portion. As the contents’ consistency is fundamental to effective extrusion, the device can help manufacturers create optimum product formulations.

To request more information on the TA-TR Tube Roller Extrusion Fixture, please contact your regional manager.