Our Video Capture and Synchronization System and Acoustic Envelope Detector have received some recent press in the confectionery industry publications. Confectionery Production and Confectionery News both report on how confectionery manufacturers are expanding their use of the TA.XTPlus texture analyzer to include sound and video.

Confectionery Production’s article highlights the use of video in conjunction with the force-distance-time data generated by the TA.XTPlus texture analyzer to better analyze data. The TA.XTPlusExponent software automatically synchronizes each video frame with the data points on the force-time graph, allowing graph events to be related to visual events on the product.


Confectionery News recently reported on how auditory testing in conjunction with measuring force with a texture analyzer to is helping chocolate manufacturers refine and improve their crispy and crunchy chocolate products. By including auditory testing, manufacturers are better able to create new products and refine existing ones that meet consumer expectations for crunchy and crispy products.