Stable Micro Systems has published a captivating new article on “Textural Magic: An Introduction to Culinology, Texture & Molecular Gastronomy”. The article explores the fascinating world of culinology and how restaurants and cutting edge chefs are using texture measurement to advance their art. Culinology is a word coined to describe the blending of culinary arts, food science, and food technology. Jo Smewing, the article’s author, discusses:

* texturing agents to perform texture tricks such as spherification for creating multi-textured gel balls; and gelled spaghetti or extruded pastas from gels

  • New food preparation techniques such as the Croquanter Technique for creating crunchy fruit and vegetables; “Sous Vide Cooking” which means cooking under a vacuum; and creating edible packaging such as disappearing transparent ravioli.
  • Designing texture into your new products and how to use your texture analyzer to substantiate your new products’ textural claims

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