This week’s featured patents are two cosmetic patents that focus on product reformulations

Patent for replacing water in a skin care cleanser with polyol to create a solid product with reduced packaging and shipping costs.

This patent describes a method for shrinking the volume of a skin care cleansing product and possibly other types of skin care products. The method eliminates unnecessary water by replacing water with a polyol. The method produces a solid concentrate as a carrier for the product’s surfactant compared to similar methods that yield a paste. A solid offers advantages over pastes which are often difficult to put through processing equipment and ship to distant locations. Solid concentrates can be shipped in reduced packaging and then ground into a particle or chip format for usage.

Formulation hardness was measured with a TA.XTPlus texture analyzer:

Patent for a water releasing, low-tack cosmetic composition using high levels of glycerin

Oil and water emulsions can have an aqueous external phase that produces a fresher, less greasy, less tacky, and lighter feel when applied to skin. Glycerin is ideal as a humectant or hydrating agent because of its low cost. However, problems arise when incorporating high levels of glycerin (greater than 5%) because the resulting cosmetic compositions can have a tacky and sticky feel upon application to skin. This patent describes a new method for creating a composition with a high level of glycerin that does not create a tacky feel.

The TA.XTPlus was used to quantify the tackiness of these compositions.