Are you looking to combat rising product packaging costs and reduce product waste? The Volscan Profiler can help.

Our Profiler is unique amongst other bakery product testing equipment because of its non-contact laser-based volume measurement abilities. It now offers something new: **calculations functionality.

Larger than needed packaging can add to a product’s cost and decrease its profitability. Smaller than needed packaging that doesn’t account for slight variations in bakery product batches can result in product deformation and product waste.

Using the Volscan Profiler’s calculations, bakery product manufacturers can quickly and accurately determine packaging needs. They can also use the calculations to understand how variations in recipes, baking conditions, and product processing can impact their packaging requirements and also cut down on product waste.

Using the Profiler’s calculations, manufacturers can calculate the minimum amount of packaging needed to cover a product. This is helpful for determining packaging sizes for a variety of products including circular shaped products such as artisan rolls and loaves. Or for prepared sandwiches which are often sliced diagonally and fit into triangular packaging.

The Profiler measures product dimensions including volume and then calculates packaging sizes. The calculations take into consideration shape and size variations in product batches so that the largest variation in a batch will not experience deformation from packaging.

Read more about the Volscan Profiler’s new calculations functionality here.

Interested in finding out more about the Volscan Profiler? Contact your regional manager to find out more. Also, please check out our extensive list of bakery product application studies here.