This week, we continue to highlight recent patents that utilize the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer. This week’s featured patents are a multiple product system for improved hair conditioning and a new method for film coating composition.

Multiple product system for improved hair conditioning:

This patent includes a description on how wet conditioning after rinsing is evaluated by hair friction force which is then measured by the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer.

The patent describes a multiple product system regimen for providing improved conditioning benefits to hair. The invention provides improved silicone deposition giving improved conditioning benefits, especially improved wet conditioning benefits after rinsing and improved dry conditioning after drying. It may also provide improved product appearance to consumer. A reduced dosage of product system may provide the same level of conditioning benefits as those of a full dosage of conventional shampoo and conditioner compositions.

After spreading the composition on the hair sample, rinsing it with warm water for 30 seconds, the texture analyzer measures the friction force (g) between the hair sample and a polyurethane pad.

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New method for film coating composition:

The patent describes how the adhesion of the dry film coatings may be measured using a TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer fitted with a 25 mm stainless steel cylindrical probe.

This patent describes a film coating composition comprising a cellulosic polymer, an opacifying agent, and a fatty acid. It also describes a film coating composition comprising a cellulosic polymer, an opacifying agent, a plasticizing agent, and a polyol. Both film coating compositions may be mixed with a solvent to produce a film coating suspension. The film coating suspension can be applied to a substrate, such as a nutritional supplement, pharmaceutical, tablet, capsule, soft gel, granule, particle, food confectionery form, agricultural seed, and the like to form a film coating on the substrate. The patent also describes methods of coating a substrate with the film coating suspensions.

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Lubricating and edible gels: composition and method for assisting swallowing

This patent describes a method of enabling a person who is having difficulty swallowing to swallow an otherwise unswallowable object with partial surface covering comprised of a lubricating edible gel.

The patent describes tests that include a simulated swallowing test and comparative tests of different gels. Both tests are conducted with the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer.

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