The new Automated Linear Indexing System (ALIS) from Stable Micro Systems automates the high volume, repetitive testing that many laboratories must conduct. Operators can load multiple samples into the ALIS and leave the ALIS to run the tests. The ALIS integrates seamlessly with a TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer. Test specimens are typically located in bespoke support plates then, with prompted steps, testing conditions are set, tests are performed, and results are reported with little or no operator involvement. 

The Exponent software provides a simple interface for entering set-up parameters for the entire system making even the most complex testing applications easy to set up and operate.

The Automated Linear Indexing System is suitable for a wide range of products, including dairy, bakery, confectionery, fruit and vegetables, supplements and tablets. Typical applications include:

  • Capsule puncture
  • Fruit firmness by penetration
  • Bloom testing of gels
  • Tablet break
  • Button pressing
  • Actuation of e.g. aerosols, inhalers
  • Adhesive tape peeling
  • Film rupture
  • Tack testing

The Automated Linear Indexing System is available in two platform lengths - 250mm and 600mm - and has two modes of operation. The platform can either be moved and paused for the testing of each sample, or can be moved constantly at the same speed as the texture analyzer’s arm.

To request a product brochure please contact your regional manager.