MREs (“Meals Ready to Eat”), the US Military’s prepackaged meals,  are designed to meet a variety of challenges including air drops and rough handling. They designed to be as lightweight as possible with an extended shelf lives.

MREs must provide soldiers with good nutrition and ample energy to meet individual daily caloric needs than can exceed 4,000 calories.

The Army’s test kitchen at Natick Research Center outside Boston is also working hard to make sure that MREs are as tasty as they are long-lasting and nutritious. The test kitchen is combining culinary art with food science to create foods like chocolate protein bars fortified with vitamin D and calcium to help improve bone health and reduce stress fractures. Or lemon pound cake recipes with omega three fatty acids that may deter the effects of traumatic brain injuries. They are committed to fulfilling soldiers’ decades long request: an MRE pizza.

We’re excited that our texture analyzers are part of the test kitchen’s efforts to help bring delicious and nutritious foods to the men and women who serve! Read more.