Our Exponent software is one of the reasons why our texture analyzers are the best in the industry. Exponent is a powerful tool that helps you analyze your testing data in ways that no other software products for texture analyzers can. It is packed with useful functionality than many users may miss. Here are a few tips that can help you make your experience with Exponent more useful and productive:

#1. Small monitor? Here’s how to increase your working space.

You can use the thumbtack icon to swivel the vertical project bar out of the way and substantially increase your working space.

exponent screenshot

#2. No more time-consuming browsing for your files!

When you want to open, insert or save any type of file in Exponent you can simply activate the “My Folders” icon in the upper right corner of the popup window.  You can then immediately jump to any default path, any recently visited path, any “Favorite” path, or even the program’s “Samples” path.  You never need to search your computer for your target paths again.

exponent screenshot

#3. Use Toolbar Icons for Common Tasks.

The toolbar has context-specific icons that let you streamline almost every common task.  If your task is not shown – then perhaps the relevant toolbar is toggled off. Simply right mouse click over the toolbar or menu area and toggle on the toolbar groupings that you may want to use or turn off the ones you do not use.

exponent screenshot

#4. Understanding a graph can often be improved by seeing it with a second Y axis.

Simply Right Mouse Click on the word “None” in the top right corner of the graph window to activate the second Y axis options.  Select Distance and you can then see the plot with both force and distance values over time.  Since the distance was still increasing when the peak occurred around 9400 grams and 0.12 seconds we can now appreciate that the graph is depicting a product that snapped dramatically when stressed. (below: three point bend test on a delicious candy cane)

exponent screenshot exponent screenshot exponent screenshot exponent screenshot