You might not know what surimi is but chances are if you have consumed foods like imitation crab, you have enjoyed surimi. Surimi is a versatile gel or paste product that is made from fish or meat. It can take can take on many different shapes, forms, and texture to create new foods that imitate seafood, shellfish, and meat products.

The history of surimi is not completely known but we do know that it’s been a popular food ingredient in Asia for hundreds of years. Texture analysis is critical in surimi development and production. Our texture analyzers are used in many surimi manufacturing companies for research and development and quality control. Surimi School USA helps instruct technicians, food technologies, and others learn the science and art of surimi making. For those of you in the business of making surimi or for anyone who wants to learn more about surimi, we recommend the 24th Annual OSU Surimi School. This course runs April 13-15, 2016 in Astoria, Oregon.

From the Surimi School USA website:

“This 3-day course** is designed for practicing surimi technicians/technologists (QC and R&D), operators, and marketers who wish to develop a pragmatic knowledge of surimi technology and its utilization in food product development, as well as to learn the market trend of surimi and surimi seafood.  This course will review the chemistry, microbiology, and rheology of surimi, the functional applicability of surimi additives like cryoprotectants, enzyme inhibitors, binders, fillers, colorings, flavorings, and production know-how. In addition to the lecture program, there will be hands-on practice and experiments. This program should be of particular value to surimi technicians, technologists, and engineers, who operate and develop the processes for surimi and surimi seafood.  There will be an optional, written examination for certification.”

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