Dear Santa*,

I know that kids are usually the ones writing you letters but this year I’m wondering if you might consider the request of a humble but hard working texture analyzer. I mean this year I was really really good.

I helped a wide variety of teams on the coolest stuff you can imagine. Gosh, you should see all the papers, patents, posters, and symposiums I was referenced in! In case you are curious, here’s just a few of the exciting projects I assisted with:

Okay, so I know that getting a letter from lab equipment isn’t exactly standard protocol but I really think you should consider my requests. Just think of all that I contribute to the holidays! I’ve helped improve the nutrition of gingerbread, test breakability of candy canes, and quantify the physical attributes of fruitcake to name just a few examples.

Okay, so on to my list:

I’d really really love a video capture system. Okay, partially for selfies (I’m on Facebook!) but mainly for capturing fast movements that aren’t easily observed by the human eye.

A dough inflation system. I promise it’s for more than just party tricks.

A dynamic integrated balance. A secondary load cell and synchronized scale in one? I want!

If there’s room in the sleigh, I’d love a Volscan Profiler. Or a Peltier Temperature Cabinet. It would be great to have another instrument to talk shop with. I mean, it gets kind of lonely here in the lab with just the centrifuge.

As many new probes and fixtures as possible! I mean, I just can’t decide. There are so many I want. Maybe an extrusion fixture. No, wait how about a three-point bend rig? Or a new cone probe..I could go on and on.

Thanks so much Santa! While the lights will be out in the lab I hope that you’ll find the cookies that I left for you. I tested them three ways!

Happy holidays,

The TA.XTPlus

p.s. They were too shy to write but TA.HDPlus wouldn’t mind a new rig and the TA.XT2 would love an upgrade.