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Test gels, pectins, carrageenan, gums and food products with gel-like attributes with the TA.XTExpress or TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer.

  • Every type of food gel is extensively tested with SMS' TA.XT family of texture analyzers. Reliability. Precision. Trust. We are a little more expensive than also-ran instruments - but your business is delivering precise performance to your customers. Our business is to help you deliver that precise performance.
  • Every gel attribute or behavior can be measured with our instruments. Our instruments quantify firmness, stickiness, tackiness, cohesiveness, resilience, rupture, relaxation, and swelling. We have developed test methods for every other nuanced and custom gel behavior. Just reach out and speak with us about your custom gel testing needs.
  • You would have thought that testing gels were simple. Far from it. While there are standard methods for measuring gel strength (GMIA) the vast range of gel applications require test methods that go well beyond firmness. In the food industry almost every gel is used as an ingredient in other products. Our instruments are so flexible that they also measure the textural behaviors of those final food products.