TTC's Referral Program:

Help your friends and associates measure texture.

Contact your regional rep

A great many of our new clients have been referred to us by existing customers. We have decided to reward these referrals by initiating the following introduction program:

Initiate a conversation with friends and acquaintances

The first and only step is that you initiate conversations with acquaintances and honestly discuss how we might be able to help their business or research. It is preferred that you use the attached form to initially contact your acquaintances because we will then be on notice that your friend may contact us. If you chose to initiate a conversation with friends or associates without the form, then your friends must provide your contact details when they contact us.

The referral form can be accessed with this link.

Program Reward: Custom Onsite Training

If your introduction leads to a demonstration of our texture analysis system with your aquaintance, then Texture Technologies will thank you by conducting onsite training for your team at your facility. If you have recently had onsite training, or do not wish the onsite training session, then we offer the following alternative rewards:

  • A seat at one of our three-day regional training classes, or
  • Up to $500 of TTC's probes and fixtures, or
  • A donation in your name of $250 to the charity of your choice.

To initiate an introduction, please fill out the form and then call your aquaintance to discuss whether they could benefit from the products, services and support that we provide.

The Small Print

Here are the terms and conditions of our referral program:

  • The referrer must be an existing USA or Canadian customer of Texture Technologies Corp.
  • The referrent's facility must be located in the USA or Canada.
  • This referral program is valid for references through 2017.
  • The terms of this program can be changed at any time.
  • The referral would not automatically qualify for a reward in instances where TTC already has an outstanding quote or has already conducted a recent demonstration at the referrent's facility.
  • Your TTC Regional Manager will work with you to schedule a mutually convenient training session.
  • TTC will assess the acquaintance's intended application and reserves the right to determine whether a demonstration is suitable.
  • Our intent is to fully comply with your organization's ethics requirements and we will gladly alter specific rewards to comply.
  • Custom Onsite Training

    The reward for a successful introduction is that we will conduct an on-site training for you and your team. We will customize the agenda to suit your training needs. In most cases the agenda will be similar to those offered at our regional training courses scheduled so that the topics can be covered in a single day.

    In addition to the agenda items, a full day training course will also typically cover:

    • Assistance writing analytical macros, test settings, test sequences and projects
    • Graph interpretation and data analysis
    • Hardware & software installation questions
    • Automation of analysis or testing
    • Calibration & verification issues
    • Test method design
    • Applications support
    • Data management
    • Review of client current sample handling & presentation techniques, and
    • Custom probe & fixtures to suit specific objectives

    To set up an onsite training session for your Texture Analyzer, please contact your regional representative.

    Not sure who to contact?

    Write us and one of our texture analysis experts will get back to you