Exponent Lite: the flexibility and simplicity of Exponent in an easy to deploy software package.

Exponent Lite helps you conduct and analyze tests in both laboratory and factory floor situations. It is simple enough for your QA/QC applications and powerful enough for routine R&D applications. Exponent Lite is a cost-effective option for users of the TA.XTPlus, TA.XTPlus100 or TA.HDPlus. Exponent Lite Express is designed for use with the TA.XTExpress Texture Analyzer.

Perfect for QA/QC Applications

Define individual arm movement sequences at various speeds, forces, and distances to enable the most complex test protocols.

Powerful enough for routine R&D

Define individual test sequences at various speeds, forces, and distances to enable most standard test methods and protocols.

Designed so that users have a quick learning curve

Exponent Lite is widely used by research teams, QA/QC personnel, summer interns and students. We support all of your training and learning needs.

Maximum efficiency, reproducibility, and accuracy

Create your own custom test settings or deploy standard test methods and protocols. You can even automate many of the routine elements of conducting or analyzing tests.

ExponentLite is included with the TA.XTExpress. For other software options, visit the software page.

system requirements



1 GB free hard disc space

SVGA Graphics (1024x768x24 bit graphics

Windows XP Home or XP Pro, Vista, Windows 7 or 8*; either 32 bit or 64 bit


RS232 port @ 115,200 Baud port (only if connect to instrument) or USB 2.0

Sound card (option)

DVD/CD-ROM (or better)

Internet access for updating purposes (preferred)