Time-consuming methods become timesaving.

Customer Success Story

The Setting

A large seed company was stuck with a laborious testing process for breeding new genetic variations of seedlings. They wanted to find variations that would better tolerate hotter conditions. They tested and recorded manually hundreds of samples.


A member of the research team attended a presentation at a large university in California. The presentation showcased the flexibility of our texture analyzers. We had the perfect solution for them. They integrated a TA.XTPlus with attached bar code reader into their testing process. The bar-coder and texture analyzer read each seedling’s bar-coded sample IDs reducing much of the testing effort. Now with high thru-put testing, they could analyze sample data and conduct their research faster and more efficiently. Satisfied that they had solved their thru-put problem, they bought more TA.XTPluses and bar coders to further expedite their research.

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