It’s the same no matter how you slice it.

Customer Success Story

The Setting

A large-scale bakery company wanted to ensure that their bread products had the same quality and consistency. They had a few issues to address before they could meet this goal. Manufacturing equipment was different from plant to plant. Ingredients varied from local suppliers. Yet, consumers expected the same product no matter where was purchased.


The company organized a new QA/QC department tasked with the challenge of measuring products produced at over fifty different manufacturing sites. The QA/QC team set to work with the TA.XTPlus to develop standard production values. Using these values the plants could adjust bake time and ingredients as needed to meet the production values. With their new QA/QC process in place and the TA.XTPlus, the plants and the company could now consistently deliver the same loaf of bread anywhere and anytime. Consumers can now count on this bread tasting great no matter where they buy it.

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