Introducing the newest member of the TA.XTPlus family of texture analyzers: the TA.XTPlus100.

With a higher force testing capability and improved distance resolution, it offers benefits of both the TA.XTPlus and the TA.HDPlus in one instrument!

How is it different from the TA.XTPlus and the TA.HDPlus?

The Plus100 offers higher force testing capability of up to 100kg, 50kg more than the Plus can accommodate.  Unlike the TA.HDPlus which is often used for higher force testing, the Plus100 has a small compact footprint like that of the TA.XTPlus, saving lab space while offering increased testing capabilities.

What is it used for?

The Plus100’s improved distance resolution is particularly beneficial to the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. Its half micron distance resolution is ideal for testing materials that require fine distance control such as small granules or tablets/capsules.

Now available in North America this October

The Plus100 is available in the United States starting this month. It is also available in an extended height format. Please contact your regional manager for more information.