Wendy Pryce Lewis, Head of R&D and Applications Development at Cabot Aerogels, has been honored as one of the top women to watch in 2013 by TechFlash, a publication of Mass High Tech. Lewis was a TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer user at Transform Pharmaceutical and then at Johnson and Johnson. We were impressed with her incredibly creative approach to materials testing. She needed flexibility to achieve her goals and she created a great team to make it happen with our equipment.

At Transform Pharmaceutical, her work on transdermal dosages for medications speed up the development process significantly, shortening the time to clinical evaluation. At Cabot Aerogels, she leads a research development team focused on “advanced super-insulating silica aerogel coatings and composites to help facilities reduce energy consumption and emissions.”

As a woman in technology, she gives this advice to other women: “We have a lot to add to the male-dominated field of technology, and it’s so important that women’s strengths and personality types are brought to bear. If you have a passion then pursue your passion. Take charge of it and don’t sit back.” Congratulations Wendy!