The rising popularity of fast dissolving dosage forms can be attributed to convenience and the ease of drug administration they offer. Although particularly applicable to the pediatric and geriatric markets, fast-melting tablets (FMTs) and orally disintegrating tablets (OBTs) are suitable for consumers of all ages. A thorough analysis of disintegration behavior is vital for the formulation of new FMTs and OBTs to ensure reliable and consistent drug release. The tablet or wafer has to be resilient enough to endure manufacturing and shipping while releasing a sufficient amount of disintegrants to deliver an optimum dissolution rate.

The Rapid Disintegration Tablet Rig is a complementary method to traditional means of assessing dissolution properties. Currently, researchers submerge a tablet attached with tape to the bottom of a cylinder probe and test the time required for the tablet to dissolve. This method is adequate for most FMT and OBT testing. However, for FMTs and OBTS that do not completely disintegrate during testing, the new rig allows FMT and OBT particles to detach easily during the disintegration process, imitating the realistic conditions of drug administration.

Attached to the [TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer](/texture-analyzers/ta-xtplus-texture-analyzer, the Rapid Disintegration Tablet Rig closely replicates the in vivo conditions of the human mouth, enabling manufacturers to examine water absorption and the disintegration of associated particles into individual components. This allows the determination of tablet disintegration time and behavior, giving a valuable insight into performance and efficacy.

The unique design of the rig creates a disintegration medium to access the tablet from all areas. The dry tablet sample is secured to a probe by a thin strip of double-sided adhesive tape along its diameter. The probe’s surface has a ‘channeled’ design, allowing fluid to flow freely all round the tablet while ensuring contact is maintained with the probe. Once the probe is lowered into the medium, the tablet is positioned on a perforated platform, and the texture analyzer applies a constant force onto it. The perforated surface enables free ingress of water beneath the sample and dispersion of the disintegrant. The rig is supplied with five probe heads to enable multiple sample preparation in advance of testing and fast interchange.

The Rapid Disintegration Tablet Rig is the latest in a wide selection of innovative probes and fixtures developed by Stable Micro Systems for the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer.

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