The Powder Flow Analyzer and Exponent software are renowned for their combined multi-functionality and broad application in the pharmaceutical, food and industrial industries. The latest Exponent software upgrade features a highly user-friendly and flexible interface. This includes an option to configure bespoke test protocols, as well as an opportunity to create and manage user-specific projects.

The newly enhanced user interface offers a more straightforward and comprehensive overview of its capabilities. The software suite offers:

  • improved data analysis
  • results spreadsheets
  • automatically generated charts and reports
  • an extensive sample video database.

The Powder Flow Analyzer enables the evaluation of a variety of samples from powders to end products, assessing their flow, attrition, aggregation and caking properties. The extensive range of well-established testing methods includes:

  • uniaxial compression
  • diametral tablet compression
  • assessment of granule compressibility.

Further analysis of powders and granules, from the mechanical strength of a single particle to the progressive swelling and disintegration of granules and pellets, can be conducted with the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer, whose performance has been boosted by the recently upgraded software. Existing customers receive a free software upgrade so that they can benefit from improved instrument flexibility.

The Powder Flow Analyzer and Exponent software are part of Stable Micro Systems’ and Texture Technologies’ innovative line of products for texture analysis.

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