In 1922, Hans Riegel, Sr., founder of Haribo, created a little gummy candy shaped like the trained bears he observed at street festivals in Germany. The tasty, chewy little bears caught on with children and adults across Europe. Now almost one hundred years later, the gummy bear and gummies in a wide variety of shapes and sizes continue to amuse and delight us. 

Consumers love the many amusing shapes that gummies take. Fruit, pizza, cola bottles, turtles, sharks, and popular cartoon characters are just a few of the shapes gummies come in. And then there’s that unique gummy texture that provides a sensory experience unlike any other candy. Gummies continue to be a rapidly growing slice of the confectionery market.

Wisely noting that consumers can’t get enough of this good thing, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies are creating medicinal and nutritional supplements in gummy form. Gummy nutritional supplements such as vitamins and products like Airborne Immune Support are popping up everywhere for children and adults alike.

There are many challenges that go along with testing irregularly shaped products. Gummies’ odd shapes can make attaining reproducible results challenging and obscure comparisons between batches and products. Gummies can also be highly adhesive, making testing throughput difficult.

We have just the thing to make your gummy testing easy, repeatable, and precise with our new TA-108s-Gi Indexable Gummy Fixture. When attached to our texture analyzers, the TA-108s-Gi locks gummies securely in place making repetitive testing fast and efficient. Using our Indexable Gummy Fixture you can prep up to five gummies for multiple testing. Easily and quickly conduct shear, firmness, and adhesion tests.

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The TA-108s-Gi Indexable Gummy Fixture has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of gummy shapes and sizes. It comes with three cartridges for different types of tests. Contact your regional manager to find out more.

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