Do you have new students in the lab or new hires on your team? We have several resources to help them get up to speed with your texture analyzers as quickly as possible.

Use our online video training.
Students and new hires can learn at their own pace with, our online video training portal. is a collection of training videos designed to help our customers maximize their knowledge of the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer and Exponent software. Our comprehensive training video library covers a range of topics geared towards a wide range of skill levels.

Do you need access? Get in touch with your regional manager who will gladly set you up with login credentials. Access is provided to all of our current customers at no cost.

"This is the best company I have worked with. The service is absolutely fantastic. I would love to work with this company in the future. Jeanne was a great help. She is fantastic." - Basharat D., Cornell University, Visiting Scientist

Check out all the resources on our website.
For anyone wants to learn about TPA, our Texture Profile Analysis guide is the web’s most definitive guide on the topic with a deep discussion on its history, examples, concerns, and more.

We also have over 200 application studies that can show you exactly how to test a wide variety of products using our texture analyzers. Browse and request them directly from our website or contact your regional manager.

"I'd use it over an Instron any day" –James Stone, Ohio State University. James presented his IFT17 poster “Influence of Thawing on Texture of Par-Baked Pizza Base” in which he used our texture analyzer to conduct Texture Profile Analysis experiments.

Learn with us in person.
Our regional training courses are by far your best opportunity for rapid, hands-on learning. Our next regional training is scheduled for October 23-25 in New Jersey. Find out more here:

"The Texture Technologies workshop held at Chapman was very informative, interactive, and was a great introduction to the texture industry for me as a new graduate. Ben was very engaging & a great speaker." – Karen L., Chapman University