The International Journal of Cosmetic Science recently published an article titled “Texture analysis of cosmetic/pharmaceutical raw materials and formulations.” The article is based on Merck’s research and new findings on texture analysis of cosmetic/pharmaceutical raw materials and formulations. For their research, Merck scientists relied upon our texture analyzers equipped with a custom probe to simulate the action of a human finger touching the surface and probing the properties of an object.

“The set-up has been previously shown to quantify the rheological/textural properties of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products such as creams, lotion and gels as well as rheological behavior of human skin. The results include the analysis of water, glycerine and mineral oil as well as aqueous solutions of thickeners such as Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer (Ultrez-20 obtained from Noveon) and carbomer. Solutions of common surfactants and complex surfactant formulations such as shampoos have also been investigated. The results, in the form plots of force as a function of time or distance, resulting from slow bidirectional probe movement (submergence and desubmergence) in the analyzed fluid, were interpreted by considering buoyancy, drag and viscous drag force given by Stokes equation.”

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