Love having your veins prodded and punctured by a long needles during routine blood tests? Or by daily blood testing for monitoring conditions such as diabetes? Of course not! We’re thrilled that one of our customers is working on a promising (and close to painless) blood collection alternative.

Seventh Sense Biosystems’ TAP device was initially designed for patients with diabetes and pre diabetes but the company aims to make the device will be available for even more uses such as self-administered at home blood collection.

The TAP device offers a “virtually painless” blood draw. The TAP device is placed on an upper arm and when activated it fires an array of micro-needles that make tiny punctures virtually painless in the skin.

“The needles are so small and are deployed and retracted so rapidly so patients don’t actually feel them compared to venipuncture,” Seventh Sense Biosystems CEO Howard Weisman said. Congrats to the entire Seventh Sense Biosystems team on the successful launch of the TAP device!

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