Measuring the springiness of a gummi candy? The "snap" of a chocolate bar? Or the perfect "crispiness" for a tortilla chip?

The confectionery and snack industries rely on us for the best texture analysis products and support in the industry.

No matter the testing challenge, our wide range of testing methods can precisely quantify the textural characteristics your team designs into your products. If your application requires a custom probe or fixture we will build it for you in our service center's machine shop. Unparalleled professional support. Our professionally trained team offers our customers extensive applications help. We have doens and dozens of test methods ready to be deployed for testing your confectionery ingredients, gels, interim stage products, final confectionery products and even confectionery packaging.


Some of the many parameters that only our product equipment can analyze include springiness, firmness, flexibility, crispness, crunchiness, stickiness, snapping force, break strength, coating stiffness and other properties relevant to the confectionery and snack industries.

“It's a fantastic instrument, I'll tell you that. I have been extremely pleased with it. We now have a way of quantifying data that before was just a guess. Pictures are worth much more than words and TA.XT measurements as clear as night and day.”

Richard B. Batté, Director of Laboratory and Research Services, Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation

Wondering how texture analysis can benefit your team?

Confectionery products have subtle textures and must be measured with precise and accurate instruments. Crispy & Crunchy snacks require powerful instruments and software capable of analyzing highly irregular force plots.

  • Confectionery products often have very subtle differences in firmness, softness, adhesiveness, chewiness and resilience. Consumers' very precise expectations need to be matched for repeat sales. Our instruments are used by the confectionery industry to measure and deliver on those expectations.
  • Crispness, brittleness, and crunchiness are highly appreciated and differentiated textural attributes by consumers. These behaviors can all be highly impacted by formula, time, temperature, moisture, and packaging. SMS' TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer with the Exponent program shines in picking up these textural attributes!
  • The snacks experience for consumers is all about the crunch. Our instruments, test methods, and technical support are designed to help you attain excellent correlations with your sensory panels and your consumers. Our powerful instruments and software simplify this complex analysis and measure crispy & crunchy attributes in ways that correlate very well with sensory judgements.

Instruments, accessories and application studies for confectionery and snack products

So much flexibility and so many options. How can I figure out which one works best for me?

Our instruments have the flexibility to test just about any product or material you can imagine. That being said, what are the differences between each of our instruments and how can you decide which one is right for you? Take a look at the differences here using our instrument comparison chart.

Want some assistance in deciding which instrument is right for you? Our team can help you evaluate the differences between our texture analyzers, assess your needs, and recommend the right instrument that will not only serve your needs best now but also in years to come. Contact us now.

Application Studies

Our instruments can measure hardness, firmness, crispness, crunchiness, stickiness, snapping force, break strength, flexibility, brittleness, chewiness, gumminess, fracturability, shelf life, and packaging effectiveness.

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