This week’s featured patents are patents for oven-baked french fries that have a deep-fried taste and texture and a gelling agent for use in cosmetic compositions.

Patent for oven-baked french fries having deep-fried taste and texture

This patent describes an invention for creating oven-baked French fried potatoes that approximate the attributes and characteristics of deep fat fried French fries. The applicant is claiming that these oven-finished French fries can be differentiated from commercial and prior-art oven fries because they possess a combination of attributes that renders them virtually indistinguishable from deep fried French fries.

The Texture Value of the finished French fries, which correlates with crispness of the fries, is measured with a TA.XT2 Texture Analyzer equipped with 25k load cell. The texture analyzer is configured with a rectangular, blunt steel plate probe (3.0 mm thickness, 70 mm width, 90 mm length). A “Compression Test” on a single French fry is run to generate a plot of Force (grams) vs. Time (sec), from which the Texture Value is obtained.

Patent for gelling agent for use in cosmetic compositions for long-wearing properties

This invention is a clear gel cosmetic composition comprising a bis-urea gelling agent and at least one oil in the production of antiperspirant/deodorant and lip products. The composition is highly wearable, transfer-resistant, and has excellent long wearing properties.

The TA.XT2i Texture Analyzer is used to measure stickiness of the gelling agent.