In honor of move-in week at many colleges and universities, we’ve pulled together a little public service announcement for students and their parents. If you’re using tape, glue, and pushpins to attach posters and decorations to decorate a dorm room or off campus apartment, you probably know that they can damage the mounted objects, the walls, and painted finishes. Colleges, universities, and landlords now routinely assess and charge for wall damage when you move out. There’s a better way that can save you both money and trouble when you move out.

Pressure sensitive putty-like products (also known as adhesive tack or sticky tack) are advertised as a substitute for hanging posters and decorations using a non-destructive method. The putty-type material can be torn into small pieces that can be kneaded into almost any shape and used to hold corners of posters and photographs. Once move-out day arrives, decorations will come down easily without damage and parents can rejoice in one less college fee to contend with.

Parents, students, and anyone else who wants to know how two of the top selling brands compare can request our latest application study titled “Reusable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Putty”. This application study compares the tack, work of adhesion and stringiness of two different brands of sticky tack: Blu Tack Adhesive Tack and Sellotac Sticky Tack.

To request this application study please contact your regional manager.