Egg producers now have a great new tool for ensuring the quality of their eggs and product packaging. Maintaining quality is a vital concern for egg producers as it directly affects the grading and ultimately value of their products.

Stable Micro Systems’ new egg testing suite enables processors to implement a total quality management program, ensuring that shell, albumen and yolk quality are maintained at all times throughout the laying period. The new egg testing suite assists egg producers evaluate how changes in feed have affected the quality of their eggs. It also helps packaging suppliers ensure that their products provide sufficient protection from damage.

With the Exponent Lite Express software, the new suite is able to carry out 10 different measurements in less than four minutes, including whole egg and dry shell weight, shell breaking strength and deformation, egg albumen height, Haugh unit, shell thickness and vitelline membrane strength.

Quick and easy instrument calibration and verification means that each test (collected at 400 points per second) obtains an accurate measurement. For a complete analysis, the new software also allows operators to manually add the colour of the yolk to the digital egg testing data, which can then be archived with the rest of the data for future retrieval.

It is available in multiple languages and has other functional benefits including step by step software commands and diagrams (that easily guide an operator through the test procedures) as well as automatic report generation of the collected data which can be viewed, printed and stored.

Sample throughput is made more efficient by the provision of magnetically located testing probes for quick removal and switching between tests.

For more information about this exciting new system, please contact your regional manager.