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peak tack, work of adhesion, cohesive

Transdermal Adhesives

The debonding properties of transdermal patch adhesives are critical to successful drug delivery as well as patient comfort. Patches must remain securely in place for the duration of the targeted controlled release period despite the need to accommodate patient movement, perspiration and cleanings. Patches must also not be too painful when removed at the end of its useful life. These adhesive properties can be measured, visualized and quantified using the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer and the TA-303 rig for pressure sensitive adhesives. The TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer offers three-dimensional information on adhesive performance and provides the sensitive, repeatable measures of adhesive properties that are critical to the performance of transdermal adhesives. Transdermal drug delivery systems can be easily compared with minimal operator intervention. The TA.XTPlus is used to measure peak tack, work of adhesion, and cohesive properties of the pressure sensitive adhesives used in transdermal patches.