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TAXTPlus Correlation With Durometer

The hardness of many polymer, plastic and rubber products is measured with indentation durometers. Durometers have an exposed indentor steel pin that penetrates into the sample when the durometer’s flat section is pressed firmly against the sample. Durometers have several shape indentors. The Type A indentor tip has an exposed 2.50 mm section with a 35 degree conical shape and a 0.79mm flat tip. The Type D indentor tip has an exposed section of 2.50 mm with a 30 degree conical shape and a 0.10 mm flat tip. Durometer readings are sensitive to several factors. Among them are the indentation speed, the duration that the pin is pressed against the sample before taking the reading, the internal and surface homogeneity of the sample, and whether the response is close to the lower or upper ends of the durometer’s range. This study proposes an analytical method to use a TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer to conduct Shore Type D durometer tests.